We make Building Designers look good!

How you ask? It's simple, we actively work to get their jobs out of a Town Planning application (aka DA). This saves their clients time and money. Which as you can imagine, earns them some serious kudos, brownie points, bragging rights and general good vibes with their clients.

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Quick Facts


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The NUMBER OF BUSINESS DAYS it TYPICALLY takes us to review a proposal and respond with options

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The average number of times each WEEK that we actively work to GET PEOPLE OUT OF AN APPLICATION

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The NUMBER OF YEARS our founder Peta Charles has been playing in the Town Planning Industry

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Our FAILURE RATE ... aka the number of applications we lodged that didn't go according to plan


Want to see if we can get your next job out of a Town Planning application? Simply tell us what your concept is or send us a set of plans, and let us work our magic. 

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How we work


How Brisbane Town Planning Works 1


We review the proposal to see if we can draw on exemptions to avoid a Town Planning application. If an application is required, we look at whether tweaks can be made to the design to avoid any triggers.

How Brisbane Town Planning Works 2


If an application can't be avoided, we look at what can be done to allow the proposal to be lodged via the RiskSMART (fast track) process. Ensuring a 1-2 week turnaround time, a 20% discount on Council fees and 99% chance of approval.

How Brisbane Town Planning Works 3


As a last resort, we explore the timeframes, costs and most importantly chances of success, of lodging via the normal team process. Noting that on principle, we won't lodge an application if we don't honestly think that Council will approve it.

How Brisbane Town Planning Works 4


We present the options to the Building Designer and/or client, and they choose which pathway they want to go down. In the process, we give the client the power to take control of the costs, timeframes and outcome.


If you (or your client) choose to avoid an application, we both do a happy dance and you go on your merry way. Keeping in mind that we are more than happy to provide confirmation of our advice via email (at no cost) or in a formal letter (for a small fee). We are also here if you (or the Certifier) have any questions down the track. 



We love RiskSMART (fast track) applications IN BRISBANE, particularlY...


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Subdivision risksmart application


house extension risksmart


Industrial developments & extensions risksmart application


Small units and townhouses risksmart


Commercial projects risksmart application



We may have a big name and crazy big ideas, however, our passion lies in working with the "little guys" like us. As it is where we feel we can make the biggest difference and hence, where we get the greatest satisfaction.

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Meet The Team

The Brisbane Town Planning (BTP) family is made up of three equally important people. With peta as the head honcho/principal planner, Bee as the admin wiz/town planning rookie and charlie operating the automation magic behind the scenes.

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Professional on the outside and slightly loco on the inside … which means she is serious when she needs to be and lighthearted when she doesn’t. Peta is obsessed with innovation and automation, has a strong distaste for bureaucratic red tape (the time/energy waste drives her bonkers) and given her life experiences, she is driven by the saying "knowledge is power". The latter means that she is passionate about being transparent/honest and educating people about the inner workings of the town planning process, so they don't get hoodwinked into going down a path that isn't right for them. 

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She may not have "the degree", but Bee has absorbed a bucket load of planning knowledge in the three and a bit years she has been part of the Brisbane Town Planning (BTP) family. This is what has earned her the nickname of the "Town Planning Sponge", and made her an invaluable asset to the team.

Bee's role is to act as Peta's right-hand woman (so to speak). Acting as the primary point of contact for initial enquiries and supporting existing clients when Peta is tied up, so that they always feel the BTP love.

Charlie Brisbane Town Planning


Cheeky, incredibly smart and a stickler for detail ... Charlie is Brisbane Town Planning (BTP's) Virtual Town Planner. 

The public face for all of BTP's automation magic, she is the backbone of the business. She handles all of the back-office administration "stuff", speeding up processes, reducing human error and improving the quality of information, so that Peta and Bee can focus on what is most important ... customer service and technical town planning work.

For more information on how Brisbane Town Planning came to be and our experience, check out Peta's LinkedIn page.



We are obsessed with taking the BS out of the Town Planning Process. BS being red tape, unnecessary delays, unnecessary costs, lack of transparency and all round general hoodwinking that the industry is developing a rep for.

What drives brisbane town planning

How do we do this? Well, one of the ways is by providing prompt/honest advice (at no cost) at the start of the design process. Advice that outlines ALL of the options available, including the costs, timeframes and most importantly, chances of success on each one. Options that normally include 'designing to avoid a DA'. 

What makes us different?

Well, unlike most Town Planning firms, BTP is run by young'ish females. This means that we bring a different (fresh) perspective and a sense of energy to the Town Planning process. Why take our word for it though, read the testimonials below to see what others have to say about us.

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what our clients have to say about us



It costs absolutely nothing to ask us for help or our opinion on your proposal and we normally respond within 1 business day. Really, you have nothing to lose by asking us to review your job. You never know, we may be able to get you out of a DA.

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Our Fee Structure

Advice brisbane town planning


We do not charge for initial advice or investigations. Never have and if we have our way, we never will! If you have any questions or need some advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Brisbane town planning application


If your proposal requires an application to Council, then we charge a set fee to prepare/lodge the relevant documentation and to manage the application on your behalf.

Our quotes will always include all of our fees, estimated Council assessment fees and any applicable advertising fees.

Please keep in mind that they do not account for ancillary costs. Such as Surveying fees (where applicable), plan preparation costs or Building Certification costs.